Wolmer’s offers two tuition payment plans, with options for one payment or installments, and tuition is discounted with the one payment option.  The tuition rates are for the full school year, which typically runs from the end of August through the beginning of June.

Annual tuition  varies depending on the program. The tuition rates/ranges are as follows (does not include extra fees or additional programs).

School Fees are payable in advance at the beginning of each term by either:

  • lodging the fees at any branch of the National Commercial Bank, which has been authorized to accept certified cheques or cash only, on our behalf; or
  • paying at our Bursary, which is equipped to facilitate point of sale transactions.

Pre-School (ages 1-3)

  • JM$83,000 per term
  • processing fee JM$1,500

Preparatory (ages 4-12)

  • JM$91,000 per term
  • processing fee JM$1,500

Learning And Enrichment (ages 6-12)

  • JM$95,000 per term
  • processing fee JM$1,500

Summer School  (ages 6-12)

  • JM$6,000 per week
  • JM$18,000 for all 3 weeks