Wolmer’s Prep Governing Board

At Wolmer’s Preparatory School, our governing board is dedicated to creating a healthy and exciting learning environment for every student. From budget-related decisions to implementing new educational procedures, the Board looks to every decision as an opportunity to promote the success of our students.


1.       Capt. Basil Bewry, Chairman

2.       Mrs. Jacqueline Hinkson, Director

3.       Ms. Traci-Lee Long, Director

4.       Mrs. Norma Brown-Bell, Director

5.       Ms. Maria Morrison, Director

6.       Mr. Chad Lawrence, Director

7.       Mrs. Maggie McGann-Williams, Director

8.       Mr. Damion Franklin, Director

9.       Mr. Ricardo Dystant, Director

10.      Mrs. Colleen Montague, Director (WGS Principal)

11.       Mr. Dwight Pennycooke, Director (WBS Principal)

12.       Ms. Kemar Christie, C.E.O. (WPS Principal)