Wolmer’s has a closed IP camera system with coverage in the classrooms, common areas and grounds. Cameras act as an “eye in the sky”. While there is a Security Guard on the premises 24 hours per day, there are only so many places a guard can be at any given moment. Cameras ensure that the school grounds can be monitored consistently and effectively. Most camera systems even have a feature that will detect movement, and then automatically display that camera feed on the monitors. Not only do school security cameras discourage violence or intrusions, they also act as investigators. Should a student or intruder feel emboldened enough to carry out a crime, the cameras record it all. In short, some of the benefits of school security cameras include:
  • Helps deter crime, bullying, and school violence.
  • Discourages vandalism and trespassing
  • Easy to monitor the hallways, entrances, and school grounds.
  • Greatly aids in gathering evidence in the event of an incident.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Can be paired with other systems, such as motion detectors, alarms, and IoT platforms.
  Video surveillance on the property is there to monitor the health, welfare, and safety of all staff, students and visitors to Wolmer’s, and to safeguard our facilities and equipment. Video cameras may be placed in appropriate locations to ensure full coverage.

Classrooms and Remote Learning

Each classroom is equipped with HD projectors and speakers. 

We have deployed Google Classroom and Microsoft in Education to provide students with

  • E-mail
  • Documents 
  • File Storage
  • Video
  • Video/Voice/Text messaging
  • Live Streaming and Broadcasting
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Electronic Grading

We also support Apple devices in specialty use cases. 

Computer Lab and Devices

In Computer Education, students are introduced to the elementary features of the computer and the basics of handling and using computers. The lab is equipped with 17 computers, a television and a video & DVD player. Our goal is to integrate technology into the curriculum, and to help our students to see how technology can aid them in other academic areas and in everyday life. They have the opportunity to develop basic word processing skills and work with spreadsheets.

We support tablets and laptops in the classroom to augment our curriculum with the best in class educational apps. 


Wolmer’s boasts a 40Gb network backbone with support for 100Gb as well as 802.11.AC wireless access throughout the campus. This is the best enterprise network of any school on the island. 

This enables a variety of digital learning solutions made available to staff and students. These include rich HD and 4K media, virtual and augmented reality, streaming applications as well as modern desktop delivery. 

It is also one of the safest networks with enterprise grade firewalls and content filtering for the protection of your children while they are online. 

Field and Play Areas

The school has a multi-purpose court, on which the students play netball, lawn tennis, volleyball, basketball and hockey, and two fields. One, which is shared with Wolmer’s Girls’ School, is used for cricket and track and field, while the other is used for football. The school also shares swimming facilities with the Girls’ School.


With all of this going on, it’s especially important that your child is eating well each day. The canteen, operated by Joan Sinclair and her capable team, is focused on providing hot nutritious meals. Each day between three and five meal choices are available, as well as side order options – see our menu. Snack items are only sold after school hours. We take special care of our youngest children by ensuring that lunch lists for pre-school through intermediate classes are sent to the canteen and the lunches are brought to their classrooms. 

Sick Bay

The sick bay is staffed by a full-time registered nurse. The facility is equipped with beds, basic diagnostic equipment and medication and is used for first aid treatment of minor injuries and illnesses.

Other Facilities

Other facilities include a Dance Studio, Music Room, Science Lab, Art Room and Hall.

Library and Maker Space