Ambassador Tapia Visits

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Be the Best Version of Yourself

On Thursday February 6, 2020 Ambassador Donald Tapia, United States Ambassador to Jamaica, visited Wolmer’s to address sixth form students of both The Wolmer’s Trust High School for Boys and The Wolmer’s Trust High School for Girls.

The Chairman’s Forum, hosted by Wolmer’s Trust Chairman Milton Samuda, was attended by the Principals of both schools along with members of The Wolmer’s Trust.

Ambassador Tapia shared a little of his life’s story regarding his career and how he achieved success despite his background of poverty. “Your background is a lesson; a lesson in life,” Ambassador Tapia posited at the Forum. He further stated “Only YOU can determine who you are, what you are and what you’re going to be.” He used the Forum as an opportunity to engage with the students and encourage them to be the best version of themselves. He spoke about his life by recounting his experiences from joining the United States Air Force as an air traffic controller, to working at General Electric, a multinational conglomerate company in the United States before starting his own small business which grew into large company across many states. He spoke about attending university at age 62 graduating only 3 months before his granddaughter.

The students were eager to ask questions about his life and career and he responded honestly about the challenges he encountered and how he surmounted them. He closed by reminding the students that they must remain dedicated and focused to achieve their goals in school.

Ambassador Tapia left the students with this final thought “You’re the only person that can have the determination to get your education.”