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On Wednesday, the 1st of July 2020, the Ubuntu Visual Arts Scholarship was presented to Grade Six graduate of the Wolmer’s Preparatory School, Theo Taylor. The presentation was done by member of the UCAP Family, Jasmin Lawrence, and took place during their graduation ceremony.

The award accompanied Theo’s receipt of the Top Visual Art Student Award for the academic year of 2019-20. 

At the UCAP, we aspire to inspire young budding creatives, like Theo, to continue to pursue their passions no matter what. 

In spite of everything that has been happening since the beginning of the year, we have made it a part of our mandate to be even more aggressive in our efforts to plant seeds in our youth since they will determine the outcomes of our futures. 

Now more than ever we need to embrace and encourage creativity in the younger generations so that they can have the tools they need to ideate solutions and opportunities for growth and development in our global society. What is happening now in the world and what will happen in the future cannot solely be solved by the traditional STEM approach but instead STE”A”M where we integrate and push for the arts and creativity.

We hope that she continues to push boundaries and be a trailblazer as she steps into this new season of hers. 

We are honoured to welcome Theo to the UCAP family, and we hope for her continued excellence and success in all of her future endeavours!

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