Matthew Campbell Earns Perfect Birthday Gift

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Matthew Maliek Campbell got the best birthday present he could ever receive on September 22, as he was overjoyed at his Caribbean Education Secondary Certificate results.

Campbell, 17, who attends Wolmer’s High School for Boys and lives in Longville Park, sat eight subjects, getting all ones with five straight A profiles.

Among the subjects are English A, principles of business, principles of accounts, physics, biology and chemistry, and in an interview with The Gleaner, Campbell said the lack of the traditional classroom setting proved troublesome at first.

He said he was less tuned in to the lessons, but after a while he adapted and started feeling more comfortable using the online platform.

Campbell said he didn’t have a lot of challenges to deal with as the necessities to use the platform were provided by the school.


“We try to achieve inner discipline; this means being able to exhibit self-control when unsupervised or simply doing what we know should be done when we are alone. During the online period, I had to put myself under strict conditions as I came to the realisation that the teachers may not be able to cover everything before the exams so I needed the discipline to read ahead and find other means to learn the content before the exams,” Campbell shared.

He said that because of the change in conditions, learning never stops and information is always there to receive, hence it never changed his ability to sit those exams nor the confidence he had that he could do it.

Now that he has aced all his subjects, Campbell said he is still undecided on what career path he wants to take; he has decided to move on to sixth form where he would be able to focus on his plans for the future.

Campbell has big dreams for the future, and in his own words, “I plan to build an international empire comprised of a chain of different companies. Some might say it’s an unattainable goal but, in my eyes, there is nothing impossible with God in the forefront.”

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