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Wolmer’s Schools, located in Kingston, Jamaica consists of Wolmer’s Pre-School, Wolmer’s Preparatory School and two high schools: Wolmer’s Trust High School For Girls and Wolmer’s Trust High School for Boys.

The start of a new year is a good time to re-new our pledge to support our Schools and to re- launch our Website. It is even more appropriate for this particular new year, precisely because this is the year in which we give God thanks for 290 years of service to the youth of Jamaica.

From our Preparatory School to our two High Schools, Wolmer’s continues to teach and epitomise excellence. When much around us has descended to and celebrates mediocrity, we remain an unyielding beacon, calling our youth to be the best that resides within them. We sing and we believe “our standards must not fall”.

So we continue to rise to the challenge to prepare our youth for an increasingly competitive world, often unforgiving of failure. To do so, we must not only equip them with the power of critical thinking and the tools of academic achievement, but also the indispensable fortitude of true character based on right values and attitudes.

The ‘Wolmer’s Way’, honed through multi-decades of sacrificial experience, has proven itself. Our sustained success is uniformly acknowledged and celebrated by our community, and is for us a source of confidence, without arrogance; of energy, eschewing complacency; of humility, not boastfulness; and of resultant
confidence tempered by humility.

As we look to the future, we will do what we have always done. We will re-invent ourselves without losing, ourselves, remaining relevant and ahead of the curve while remaining true to our core values, bed rocked in integrity.


The Wolmer’s Schools are committed to providing an academically stimulating environment where staff and students can realize educational, physical, social, spiritual and emotional growth.

We Will Have:

• Modern and Relevant Facilities and Materials

• Excellent Human Resources, Dynamics, Cohesive Involvement of Stakeholders

• Positive Values and Attitudes

And We Will:

• Break New Ground

• Use an Innovative Curriculum

So We Will Produce:

• Consistent, Excellent Academic Performance

• Well-Rounded, Well-Balanced Students


The Mission of the Wolmer’s Schools is to create well-rounded individuals capable of and committed to making a meaningful contribution to society. We strive to do so by educating post-primary to post-secondary students through the use of ground-breaking extra-curricula; excellent human resources and material; the dynamic involvement of all stakeholders; the promotion of positive values and attitudes, and the provision of an aesthetically-pleasing environment.


Our key purpose is that together we strive to create, maintain and develop conditions which enhance effective teaching and learning. To this end, we recognize the important contribution that all members of the Schools make towards maintaining a purposeful, disciplined and caring community.

To realize this aim requires us to work towards the fulfillment of several further objectives:

• To enable each student to realize his/her potential in all areas of educational experience.

• To provide the opportunity for all students to experience a broad and balanced education.

• To encourage students to move towards managing their own learning and to enjoy, value and realize the purpose of their education.

• To encourage students to make the

transition into further studies and employment.

• To develop links with local community, particularly with parents, employers, schools and institutions of higher education.

• To provide a programme of development and mutual support for all staff who work within the School.

School Colours

Maroon and Gold.

School Crest

The Wolmer’s Trust SchoolsThe Wolmer’s Schools Crest is a replica of the original School Seal from the 1700s and represents ‘The Sun of Learning bursting through the Cloud of Ignorance.’ There are many high achieving students who attend the three Wolmer’s Schools. They have achieved because they followed the meaning and spirit of the school’s crest.

School Motto


Translated from the latin as: ‘Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability.’

School Song

Wolmer’s School Song

 by Phyllis Khan

Our School We All Love Dearly,

We Think It Is The Best

Maroon And Gold Our Colours,

The Rising Sun Our Crest

Our Motto Means At All Times,

We Try To Do Our Best

At Home, At School, At Work, At Play

We Put It To The Test

Age Quod Agis,

Age Quod Agis,

On Maroon And Gold The Sun Won’t Set

Try To Do Your Best, Put It To The Test

Age, Age Quod Agis

To Those Who Love And Train Us,

We Owe A Special Debt

To Self We Owe It Also

High Moral Codes To Set

Our Emblem Sun Keeps Shining

And It Must Never Set

Our Hopes And Aspirations Placed As High

As They Can Get

Age Quod Agis,

Age Quod Agis,

On Maroon And Gold The Sun Won’t Set

Try To Do Your Best, Put It To The Test

Age, Age Quod Agis

Our Efforts Must Be Constant

In All Things Big And Small

The Rising Sun Our Target

Our Standards Must Not Fall

Our Motto Means A Great Deal,

It Is For One And All

The Home, The School, The Nation Hear

The Wolmer’s Clarion Call

Age Quod Agis,

Age Quod Agis,

On Maroon And Gold The Sun Won’t Set

Try To Do Your Best, Put It To The Test

Age, Age Quod Agis

So, my fellow Wolmerians, as we continue to positively impact thousands of young lives, I urge you to hold fast to our timeless, clarion call:


Milton Samuda
Trust Chairman
Wolmer's Trust
June, 2018

Please add “Wolmer's Alumni Association of Southern Florida" as your Amazon Smile Charity. A portion of your Amazon purchases will be donated to Wolmer's. Your regular shipping will help support students and infrastructure projects at all 3 schools. 

For more ways to contribute to Wolmer's, visit our support page. 


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