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The Trust created the Wolmer’s Technology Committee (WTC) to address the widening gap in advanced technical education in Jamaica versus the rest of the world. The team is comprised of alumni spread out over the diaspora who are experts in their respective fields of Networking, IT Procurement, Hardware Design and Technology Education. 

The WTC is tasked with significantly improving the Infrastructure at all 3 schools to enable a variety of Digital Services and introduce modern curricula to the students. Many of the projects have been deployed and several are still in progress. We will use a combination of commercial and open-sourced technologies to provide the best performing solutions for our students and faculty at a reasonable cost. 

The WTC also provides training and certification for teachers and IT staff. 

Technology Infrastructure

The new network is 40G/10G/1G and is capable of 100G/25G/10G at the next upgrade. The three wolmer’s campuses are interconnected with 100G capable fiber, fully redundant. 

All 3 schools are wireless 802.11.AC capable with connectivity for more than 4,000 devices simultaneously with the ability to stream 4k content. 

VPN services are supported for 4,000+ devices. 

Content filtering and hardware based firewalls offer strong security and protection for our students and staff. 


The solar system is 241kW with a generation ability of 80MWh per month. This is approximately 60% of the usage of the three schools. 

This system not only reduces the electricity consumption from the grid, but significantly reduces our carbon footprint. 

We will continue to increase solar capacity over time until we can generate more than we need.

Real time monitoring of the solar panels allow for several student projects and internships.  

The server cluster will provide the necessary compute infrastructure for 

  • core services 
  • Virtual Desktops
  • CAD stations
  • Video Editing
  • Local backups

and support for over 1,000 virtual machines and a variety of operating systems. 

We have partnered with Microsoft and Google as our primary online learning platforms. 

We are a certified Google Classroom and Microsoft Education campus. 

The full implementation of each is available to our staff and students. 

Both desktop and mobile devices (tablets and phones) are supported. 

Both Microsoft* and Google clouds are implemented for our data needs. We have provided faculty and students with 

  • Enterprise Email
  • Documents
  • Conferencing (video, voice and chat)
  • Databases
  • Video
  • Storage
All come with offline options on multiple devices including desktop and mobile. 

* select users have access to the full desktop edition of Microsoft Office. All users have Office 365 by default. 

Each school will eventually be able to implement a secure Bring Your Own Device policy.  Supported platforms will be any modern desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile devices with the following enabled:

  • Mobile Device Management
  • Malware Protection
  • Secure exams

All classrooms will equipped with HD or better security cameras and the grounds with 4k or better. All recordings will be stored for 3 months to allow for delayed reporting of incidents. 

Security critical buildings, such as computer labs and storage rooms,  will have Access Control for compliance logging and entry control.  

We have a variety of connectivity solutions to provide secure, redundant access to the internet at all schools. 

We have corporate partners to help provide the best cost effective solutions for our faculty and students.  

New Curriculum

a fully autonomous robotics program with emphasis on Coding/Software Development, Fabrication, Sensors and Electronics and Simulations. 

The program covers

  • Land (mobile robots)
  • Sea (submersible robots)
  • Air (drones)
Accordion Content


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